Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So, I have this friend. And he isn't maybe even my friend although I hope to know his girl better (and maybe be her friend. or not. I don't know. I just like these people).

I can't figure him out.  I don't want to figure him out. Sometimes I think "Shit, dude. I can't get down with your nonsense.".  Other times I think "right on and keep on keepin' on".  And either way??? That's all just me. Agreeing with him, disagreeing with him--all my projection and has nothing to do with him.

I've never met anyone like him. I don't know wtf his agenda is. Maybe he doesn't have one. Maybe it is easier for me to believe he has one.   But sometimes I want to dap him. Sometimes I want to smash his face and wash his mouth out with soap.   And you know what? I love it both ways about him.  The shit I like  and the shit I don't.  He's just him. In his entirety.  And he isn't consistent and he can hold conflicting ideas in his head and regardless of my politics, that is a thing to be admired.

A bit ago I was telling another one of my pals about him. And she didn't get it.  She said, "why don't you just delete him from your FB when he posts stuff you don't like?"

And I said to her what I'd say to him or his girl. "Why would I? I want to hear what he thinks, even if I disagree?

And then I went on talking about this dude. And he is a dude that on one hand, is a total stranger to me.  On the other hand? I trust him completely.  Without reservation.  There is a small, almost non-existent group of people that I trust like him and his girl.  But I do with both of them.  Without reservation.

And like I told this 3rd party:  "When you know that someone has your back, it doesn't matter what their politics are or if you like the same music or arts or if you can even share interests.  None of that matters. When the shit gets real, I absolutely know they have my back.  I have theirs. It doesn't need to be tested. It is. They are part of my tribe."

If I could offer a word of advice, it is this:  the people who truly would have your back are few and far between.   When you find those people, do not let them slip away. Even if outward appearances don't make it so obvious.  

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