Sunday, April 29, 2012

I really screwed up with the cover crop.  I found some other person's blog and they turned over their cover crop like in Feb when the plants were wee.  Tomorrow I dig the last of it in, but I mean--it's going to take forever for it to decompose down there.  I'll see how much compost I can put on top of everything.  Such. A. Bad. Idea.

OTOH--my soil is rich and dark and I imagine if we are still here next year, I'll have really made a difference.

Just checked on the squash and melon starts. Some of it has popped up.  Some of it is still dormant.  I'm a little worried my seed is bad.  I believe the cucumber is up and the zucchini.  I think the basil is still dormant.

Still fighting the biggest garden pest--the dog.  While I don't really wish we owned this particular house, I wish I owned something to feel comfortable putting in a real fence to keep him out.  He's slowly decimating the carrots.

I'm going to buy the summer plant starts next weekend. I gotta figure out how to carry all the tomatoes and peppers. I need a wagon.  Seriously.

In other news, husband turns 40 in a couple of weeks and Imma rock his face off with fun.  I am the most awesome wife ever.  No lie.

May is turning out to be one exciting weekend after another.  Can't wait!

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