Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yes, it is the tunnel opening

So, I was almost a month off with my predictions of having a "normal" schedule again, but...finally. Finally we are here!!!

And we (the royal We) are fairly behind in planting.  The garden is a mess.  I've been planting things, certainly, but not documenting what I've planted when.  Oops.  I know what I have planned so it isn't like it is a TOTAL mystery, but--yeah.  I figure that either something will come up and I'm good or I'll just go back and replant in the blank spaces what I think should be there.  My inner perfectionist is a tad freaked by this, "Oh, just throw some seeds on the ground" mentality---but it was either do that or not have a garden. 

I'm hoping to get some photos tomorrow. It's looking like a real garden in parts.  The chinese cabbages are being absolutely decimated by something--as they were last year when I said I'd never plant them again.  I've been at war as much as possible, but I'm losing the fight.  Fortunateyl, the other cabbages seem like they are doing fine.  And if it takes growing chinese cabbage as pest food so I can have regular cabbage--I guess I'll make the sacrifice. I don't really have a choice right now.

  The raab is up and I've figured out that I don't know how to harvest it.  I should have harvested a few stems but I thought I'd wait just a day or two longer to see if I could get more growth.  Of course, there were stems that bloomed the next day. :(  I thought the stems would be longer.  Or that there would be more of them.  I'm not sure how much actual food I'm going to get out of 2 plants.  

I worry about the broccoli in the same way.  I have 4 plants but I can eat a LOT of broccoli.  I had 1 or 2 plants last year and really got maybe a cup or so from them.  I think I wasn't harvesting them as well as I could have either.   The main heads on the broccoli last year were tiny as well and, much like the raab this year, I assumed it was going to get bigger--but it just bloomed.

I still haven't gotten my potatoes planted. That's the only thing I'm behind on. I have the seed and the pots and everything ready to go.  they absolutely MUST get into pots tomorrow.

My tomatoes are blooming already. :/  I think I really did plant them too early since I decided to go with Stupice and "colder" season paste tomato and an early currant.   I repotted them last week. I'm hoping to build a  hoop house for them this week (or next) and get some black plastic down so I can warm everything up for a couple of weeks before the final transplant.

Speaking of final transplant, I still have to re-do my garden plan after losing those 8 square feet of growing space.

Finally, the dead tree in front and root system is gone as of this weekend! Now we just need more dirt, more rocks for a barrier, and I can start re-trnasplanting the herbs from the side garden. I still haven't quite finalized what the herb garden will look like--I just know I'm going to need room to tuck in annuals as well.

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