Monday, December 14, 2009


There is a WSU Basic-Plus Cheesemaking program in the middle of February in Chehalis.  It is rather pricey and it is probably one of those things that I need to get a year of mucking about under my belt before I can justify.  I'm just thrilled to know that WSU offers Artisan Cheesemaking classes.

I'm actually fairly serious about getting a craft going.  I mean, to make money on the side.  To do something I'm passionate about. What that looks like---I'm not sure.  I'd love to have a tiny cheese and charcurterie shop (or hell, even a cheese and charcuterie stand at a farmer's market)--but it seems unlikely that I'll ever be able to have the space and room to learn how to make things like salami.  But, who knows. A girl has got to start somewhere and that "somewhere" is going to be fresh bacon this weekend.

In other news...

So, at age 35--I discovered I have curly hair. Or--really wavy hair.  My hair isn't really sure what it wants to be and I'm just trying to let it do it's thang until it can figure it out.  The longer it gets, the curlier it does seem (except for the back).

I stopped using shampoo on a daily basis a few months ago. Then I went back.  Now, I'm back off the sauce except for on a weekly basis.  Starting today I'm taking the plunge and ending this shampoo affair.  We're over. Through. Finished.  No more.  From now on, it's just water and baking soda and hopefully I can wean my hair off of that except for a few times a week.

I haven't divorced myself from conditioner yet.  In fact, I don't think I can with my hair.  I use Suave Natural conditioner on a daily basis as a co-wash (and often the only thing I use) and use a thicker conditioner once every few days on top of that. 

I want to get rid of that stuff as well. In fact, I want to just get rid of all the products I buy and make things myself.  This is kind of ridiculous because about 10 years ago I went through this same phase of wanting to make my own bath/beauty products, bought a couple of books, and then just decided not to do it and got rid of everything.

And now here I am again. :/

I think I'm just not that interested in beauty products in general so I never could get myself that excited about stuff.  I'm still not interested.  What I am interested in is: cheap and affective, letting me do it myself, and getting rid of all that damn stinky product.  Seriously.  I cannot stand the smells of lotions and hair products. I try not to gag when people are putting on hand lotion in front of me. PEEE!!! YEWWWUUU!!

Anyway, I found out that my hair loves apple-cider rinses and olive oil deep treatments. My face loves honey as a face mask. When my legs get stupidly dry, they love olive oil and powdered milk.  My body loves goat milk soap (although that is bought and not made...thus far)  So, why the hell am I spending money on products that leave me kinda "meh" when what I have around the house does JUST as good as a job and there aren't any extra chemicals?

Tonight I whipped up a batch of flaxseed gel to see if I can replace the bazillion gels I've been trying to keep my hair where I want it.  I'll probably have to mess around with the water ratios. I'm not sure how thick it should be.     It looks pretty much like someone horked a big snot into a bottle right now. yum.  But, I mean, if it does the trick--it does the trick, snotty or not.

I'd like to find some simple lotions/body butters (preferably that don't have to be in the fridge) and hand balms and hair conditioners that I can do myself. And maybe one day I'll get to the goat milk soaps (gads goat milk soap is luverly. I had no idea soap could be that moisturizing.).  I'm pretty pleased that I've at least got the deep conditioning, "shampoo", and hopefully hair gel down.

Next up on tonight's list is making a batch of laundry detergent. Got everything I need.  All the laundry is done for this week, so next week I'll if it I honestly need only 2 Tbs of this stuff for a load .That would be pretty dang sweet.

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