Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Chewbacca!

Hanukkah Harry brought me a cheese press yesterday! Huzzah!  Now it is all complete and I shall be picking up raw milk tomorrow for the start of my Cheese Emporium.  I'll start with a Farmhouse Cheddar and next will be a Monterey Jack.  Neither have to age for 6 months or longer and I am one impatient Cheese Eater.

Still coming on the gift list:

-Grinder attachment for kitchenaid
-Food strainer attachment for the kitchenaid
-Sausage stuffer for kitchenaid (I hear it is totally crappy but it was a part of the package deal)
-Hand wheat mill that also has stone burrs so I can grind flax seeds and nut butters.  (Yes, I can already can and do grind nut butters in my food processor.  I've wanted a wheat mill since I started making bread and while I could pick up an electric mill for almost the same price, I would really prefer to get away from electrical kitchen items as much as possible.  It isn't as fast, but really, so what?  My arm can use the workout.)
-And I caved and bought a 23 quart pressure canner. It was 33% off and I had a $50 gift certificate and so that means it was a whopping $24.00.  You can't beat that price. So, I didn't.  And now I'm dreaming of soups and stocks I can put up all winter.

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