Tuesday, December 15, 2009

beyond available light

I picked up Awesome Husband's speedlight tonight to start messing around.  I have no idea how to use it.  I'm aware of Strobist.com for off-lighting situations and definitely  hope to use it as a resource. I'd like to get the basics of using a flash first and it seems like on-camera would be the way to go. Of course, I don't actually know that. I' m just making it up.  Right now I feel like I'm back to when I first picked up the camera and just randomly mashed buttons for 6 months.  Time to head off to the library to start getting reference materials.

In other camera news, Awesome Husband and I've decided to start going on monthly photo safaris. He hasn't touched his camera at all since we went to China (and he's got a new d-90 with a way better ISO than mine, less noise, MUCH better color straight out of the can---and, well, he has a 3rd generation...I have a first. Can you tell I'm jealous?!?***)  Years ago we spent most weekends poking around, taking photographs. It would be nice to have a shared hobby again and to be able to learn from one another.

Speaking of learning, I've got 2 gallons of milk sitting in my fridge just dying to become a nice Farmhouse Cheddar.  I came home with them, sterilized my workspace, started to get everything in place--and then realized I wouldn't have enough time.  It's about a 4-hour process until I could start pressing the cheese.  That isn't a problem. What IS a problem is that the last press takes 12 hours which means that I have to be home from work to free the cheese and let it start drying.  Unless I start the process around midnight (says the girl who is up at 5 am)--it just ain't gonna happen in the right time frame.  Cheese festivities will have to wait until Friday night. 

***I'm mostly jealous because when I think of the photos I took at Jitsulassie's house for her sons' birthday and what a grainy mess it ws and how clean and clear I could have shot because I could actually have the available light and high ISO that  I needed--le sigh.  Maybe the old man would let me touch his camera during Christmas. I'm not going to hold my breath about it as we are protective of our gear, but I seriously lust after that camera and the ability to shoot so well in such low light.

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