Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is growing in my garden today? (aka I actually, finally took a few photos)

(So, it looks like Blogger does not like medium sized photos if they are horizontal. If you are really interested, you can click the link and it will take you to flickr where you can get much larger versions. But really, it is just snapshots of my garden so while it does look better larger--this isn't like art or anything. )

I love these photos simply because it makes my garden look a lot more lush than it really is. Seeing the whole thing, it's kinda pathetic. But up close? Magic is happening. Not enough magic that I wouldn't starve to death if I had to subsist on what I'm growing, but enough magic for me not to throw in the towel completely.

Zucchini is beginning to bloom:


My new girlfriend, Ms. Meyer lemon. She had buds EVERYWHERE and a lot of flowers. She smells absolutely divine. I'm looking forward to bringing her inside this winter so her fragrance can fill the house.

I've found 3 developing lemons on her so-far (I've already named one lemon "re-re". Re-re is an inch long and very thin and already yellow. I think Ms. Meyers will abort poor Re-re:


The string beans are starting to develop. They are tiny and so thin right now:

Baby bush beans

Chives are growing strong:


The sweet million cherry tomato is prolific. Bazillions of flowers and starting to set fruit. Last year this plant was amazing for me as well. I'm hoping all goes well again:

Sweet million 'matos

The peas aren't really doing that great anymore and they weren't doing great before then. I've had whatever the total opposite of a "bumper crop" is. Like I've eating 4 peas pods this year. They haven't even made it back to the house. Just devoured on-site. They are still filling out--despite the temperature:


I take mini-breaks for water and to pick treats off the cherry tree. I can't get over how brilliantly red the cherries are this year. I don't remember them being this red last year, but maybe I just don't remember. Or maybe the tree needed a hot, dry summer to really shine.

When they change from blinding red to a deep, almost black--they are in their prime. I'm ready to talk to my father-in-law about ways to prune this tree back next year (it goes above the roofline) so that we can harvest more cherries next year. I'm absolutley addicted to them. The difference between a cherry right off the tree and a cherry from the supermarket is astounding. They aren't even close to the same thing. In fact, they are so different that I will now be calling the supermarket version: Alleged Fruit Formerly Known As Cherries.



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  1. Holy. Fricking. Crap. Beanhead, you are one hell of a photographer. My gosh, these are soooo beautiful. Can't even think of anything clever to say... I'm just so blown away.

    Wow. Wowee wow wow wowee. Thank you for posting these.


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