Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food and food.


Today is the day that Beatrice (my wild yeast sourdough starter) becomes a mother. Awww.

While I'd love to the the recommended 3x/daily feeding...I'm going to have to fold the 1st and 2nd feeding togetther. I'm a little concerned that it was so friggin' hot the last few days, something might have happened to her to make her unviable. She's looked kinda "meh" and I fed her once in the last few days because I was concerned I was starving her. I've read that it might look dead after awhile..and it we'll see if she springs back to life. I've babied this for 10 days now and am anxiously (and impatiently) having to baby and strengthen up Beatrice 5 more days by constant feeding.

The inevitable happened with my lettuce. I was hoping that I could push it off until later in June, but it looks like now is the time. The "heatwave" the last few days is causing everything to look like it is about to bolt. I'll cut most of it down tomorrow and see if I can shock it back into behaving a little bit more before I pull all of it. I think it's starting to get a bit bitter, but Mr. Awesome hasn't noticed yet. If I pull it, I have 4 additional squares with nada in them. Maybe it's time to plant some annual flowers while I figure out what goes in next. There is always more radishes and green onions to plant, I guess.

Speaking of garden planning, the Territorial Seed Company just sent me their winter catalogue. I was wondering if I was going to put the garden to bed this winter or maybe do a cover crop. I'm now internally testing the idea of really challenging myself to grow food year 'round. I could easily just remove the chicken wire during the winter and build a plastic tunnel cold frame over the entire area and just keep going for as long as I can go. I'm more than internally testing, I guess. I'm pretty much thinking that this is what I'm going to be doing.

So far, on the list for late fall/winter/early spring pickins is: broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, more kale, winter greens blend, bunching onions, pac choi, parsnip, radishes, winter spinach, turnips, chinese cabbage, snap peas, more swiss chard, arugala, corn salad. Lots of greens. I'm going to start these from seed, so some of the stuff needs to start going in next month.

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