Friday, June 5, 2009


Mr. Awesome won't let me have a cow.
Mr. Awesome won't let me have chickens either.

I'm not putting up a fuss because I don't think the city of Seattle allows cows. Since we rent, I'm not putting up too much of a fuss about chickens either. Yet.

He hasn't said anything about a goat. I haven't actually asked yet, but I'm just sayin' that he hasn't said "no".

I looked it up. I can have a goat in the city. And I don't just want any goat. I mean, goats can get pretty big and Nathan might have a problem with a big, unruly goat. That's why I want a Nigerian Dwarf goat. They are cute, only 21 inches tall, calm, and tame! They'll eat the neighborhood's blackberry brambles grass so we won't have to mow and give me up to 2 lbs of milk a day per goat! That's a lot of cheese I could be making with me and my goats! You can even walk them on the leash and we could all have evening walkies together!

I would never mention a cow ever again if I had a goat. Not even if we ever had a lot of land. I might want 4 goats then, but I'd never talk about cows. No, siree.

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  1. Get yerself that damn goat before The Mister says anything. And as soon as he notices it in your freshly chewn yard, he'll melt and succomb to its charms.

    Now go henceforth and adopt ye your Nigerian Dwarf goat! Now now now!!!


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