Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post from yesterday that never got uploaded. oops.

The weather outside is GLORIOUS. I have been out in the sun all day trying to come up with things to do that involve being out in the sun. Basically, I'm just mucking around my yard and took the dog for a walk up to the library and back. He was out the door earlier than I was this morning and basically has spent the day sprawled out on the deck and soaking up the rays.

Planted some more carrots and radishes. Tried to come up with what more I can plant. I've got about 10 empty squares right now. I'll most likely put in some bok choy, 2 sweet red pepper plants, and....I'm coming up blank. I'd like to wait awhile before I plant the kale, endive, and radiccio for overwintering. Maybe I'll just throw in some annual flowers in there for a bit before I decide. I want to do the zucchini and eggplant in a container and I'd like to have the hot peppers in containers as well. :/

I realized that it wasn't the spinach that the bugs were eating. It's the radish tops. Way to go for mislabelling. None of my spinach came up and I'm thinking that it might now be too hot to plant what I've got. I need to pick up some New Zealand spinach as that is a slow-bolting for summer. I may have to put down some more swiss chard too as only 1 plant came up out of the 2. I'm still not exactly sure how many plants I really need.

The herb garden is lookin' a little bare so I think I'll add some marjoram and summer savory. The basil will be going in with the tomatoes, but I may sneak in a lemon basil and a thai basil in the herb garden.

I'm garden-crazy right now. We've started harvesting the mesculun and crazy impatient to get more food on the table--stat. I have a feeling that come August, I'm going to be drowning in produce. Fine with me. I'm all ready to do some canning and freezing this year.

Other than that, I'm overly-tired and cranky. Dont' want to go to the grocrey store and won't go to the grocery store today and I'm out of coarse cornmeal AND whole wheat flour. Which means that not only does that thwart me starting the BBA challenge until next week, I can't even make any whole wheat breads. Which would be fine, but ever since I thought about making a sandwich-type bread this week, I've been CRAVING a sandwich with hummus and sprouts, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I'm not going to be happy until I can eat it every day this week. Hopefully I'll get my ass in gear after dinner.

What I'm trying to say is, life is really good. I love the sun. I love my garden. I love my dog. I love my husband. Not in that order. I'm really blessed right now in my life and I appreciate all the goodness around me.

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"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day."

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