Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have been absolutely giddy all day with the weather. I'm thinking the garden is just as giddy as I was. I planted the tomatoes yesterday and Sweet Million cherry tomatoes suddenly have flowers on them today. The peas grew about an inch and while last week I was worried that we'd be out of salad material for a few days--the mesculun is totally out of control. All for one day of sun and warm weather.
The thyme is blooming like mad and the sage has exploded. I'm going to have to start giving some of it away.

I know, basic blathering about garden stuff is rather boring. I'm just in awe at how much it changes day by day. I've never lost my wonder that all I need to do is put some seeds into the ground and (until it stops the spring rains), just a little sun and rain makes food for me. Bigger than that, the garden gives me a chance to really just trip out on the marvel that life (of any sort--plant or animal) occurs at all and because life occurs, it does so with such force and energy and such little care and mettling needs to happen.

I didn't get off my duff to get the supplies I needed for this week's challenge of the Anadama bread. I did however realize that I could make pitas out of the "Lavash Crackers" recipe this afteroon--and so I did. No photos because, well, let's just say that I hope they taste better than they look. They don't look terrible--but let's just say that you could tell my rolling skills aren't exactly up to par on the first one I rolled out.

The instructions said to use 6 oz of dough and roll out 8" pitas. That gave me a whopping 2 pitas and they are huuuuge. Next time I'll use half that weight/size and maybe double the dough. I'll probably use a whole wheat version as well.

It did follow my theory that flatbreads are absolutely simple to make. Because it only needs about 10 minutes of kneaing, 2 hours to rise, and they bake up in about 3-5 minutes, it's something that can easily be done during the week.

I picked up a French rolling pin as well today. I'm so glad I did. I had a "regular" plastic (allegedly non-stick) rolling pin that never seemed to work right. It's a rolling pin, so it worked right--I just couldn't work right with it. The french rolling pin? Heavenly. The dough absolutely does NOT stick. I can actually really feel the dough while I'm rolling it out and I can just roll it out easier. I'm still not providing photos, but you can absolutely see the difference between the first pita I rolled out with my old rolling pin and the one I rolled out with the French rolling pin. The first one sorta looks like...well, you know how people can see Jesus or Mary in bread products? Like that, but imagine that you are looking at the Elephant Man in a pita. Like that. The second one is actually round like a pita. Go figure.

Gonna grill up some chile-lime corn tonight. Got a salad with mesculun and my thyme-lemon vinegrette. The husband is eating hot dogs and I've got a kick ass pasta salad for dinner.

Chicken vindaloo is slowly simmering on the stove for later this week. I'm also thinking about grilling up salmon tomorrow. I don't know if that is really going to happen. I seem to get very meat-adverse when the weather is warm outside. Just vegteables, grains, and fruit for me.

Boring post is boring. Thank god I'm the only one who really reads it.

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