Friday, March 27, 2009

And miles to go before I sleep...

There was a time in our lives where we lived to get on the road. Every extended weekend we could, we'd pack up and get the hell outta dodge.

Then came moving in together and weddings and dogs and domestic bliss. We barely leave town. Maybe twice a year?

I'm dying to get out of here. My 35th birthday is coming up and I'm taking about 5 days off, including the weekend. I've been restless for months. I need to see the road stretch in front of me and be utterly lost for days. I need to make no other plans than to pick a direction and 6 hours into driving, consult my map to pick my destination soley based on that I like how the name of that town rolls of my tongue. I need to be utterly lost for days.

I barely even remember that I was a girl who loved being on the road most of all.

I'll ask my favorite travelling companion to go with me and if not, I'll go by myself . I'll pay whatever I need to so we can kennel the dog just so we aren't hampered by where we can stay. I'm craving shitty little motels, diner foods, and for a few days I am utterly free. I need to open my head. Especially now. It doesn't help that my travelin' anthem is playing right now.

...Sweet dreams,
Good hell to all the friend's I've known
God's with them tonight

California, Arizona heaven holds us even closer
racing down the road to God knows where

California, Arizona put some distance inbetween us

on our way



  1. Shit, Babes, if I wasn't tied down by three sprogs and Man Candy, I'd be with you in a shot. I've been dying to blow Dodge for months now; wanderlust doesn't leave a sylphlike spirit for long. DC didn't last long enough, and I'm longing for new airspace and faces to photograph.

    Godspeed to you and your manpanion. If you need any ear candy, I'll burn you some good shit to ride on to.

  2. Gads, I was going to talk to you on Sunday and see if the hubs can't make it...if there was any way you could split town for 3-4 days. We could even go for 2-3.

    Quite honestly, I was thinking about asking you before Nathan. I felt like maybe you needed it even more than I did. I just didn't know if you'd be down with how I tend to travel and didn't know if you could leave the family for a few days. I was even thinking about begging your Man Candy before I asked you. ;)

    I have no plan. I just drive and think and laugh and if something catches my attention, I slam on the brakes to take some photos.

    I love small towns and even smaller minded people and basically have no problem with fitting into where I'm at vs. being horrified. It's great fun.


"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day."

-E.B. White

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