Friday, March 27, 2009

No sex in your violence

Had a private lesson with a guy I swear was new way after I wasn't new. I used to think he was a total Spazmotic. In fact, I STILL think he's a Spazmotic--but we connected a bit in a way that I wasn't expecting. He is spazzy, but I have a new found respect for where his head is at. I actually look forward to training with him instead of how I felt the first few times I trained with him last year.

My form for thai kicks is fairly solid once I got properly retrained. I've lost all height--which is a problem. My normal "hip height" for a kick is er, closer to other folks knees. Most folks aren't going to be able to hold pads low enough for me to get my form right while I try to relax my hips .

And that is the crux of my problem right now. Besides the old injury healing--I'm sitting all day and my hip flexors are a total effin' wreck and shorter than short. He gave me really good advice which is--I am going need to stretch the bajeezus out of them for awhile. I'm going to have to just get into a thai stance rocking motion for about half an hour before training to quite my mind and body so I can relax enough to kick (because right now I am so afraid of hurting myself that everything gets out of alignment and screwy because I'm not trusting my body to do the right thing), and finally--I'm going to have to practice working myself SLOWLY into the splits so I can retrain my hips to deal with it.

I'm glad I have a heavy bag to work on at home. Just need to actually fill it with water so I can get moving.

He did say that when we are conditioning that I just need to condition and not worry about form. I simply disagree right now. I'll talk to A. about it since I'm taking his class. I would LOVE to "just condition" and not worry about it. More than anything. But I don't feel confident right now not to re-injure. I just want to work on form until I can quiet the fear. The fear is what is going to re-injure me.

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  1. Mine isn't an educated guess, but I strongly wager you're right on the button as usual, Madame. Form is *hugely* important, especially now. If you condition without it, your body's gonna hate you even more, and your body memory's gonna get fucked up, your alignment's gonna go further out of whack, and Andy's so gonna nail yo' ass in class and waste time correcting you on something you already know. Injuries are such a bummer.

    So babysteps, my Love, babysteps. That you're even back in the saddle says heaps about your gumption. And that confidence'll come back right as rain; give it maybe two more sessions for it to settle in. (I jump-roped for the first time in three months on Tuesday! And let me tell you, my heart was in my throat the whole time, but I didn't collapse in a sobbing, broken heap like I did in December; it held up!)

    Woman, you rawk my world.


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