Thursday, December 29, 2011

16 hours

begins Operation Lockdown.  Friday eve-Monday afternoon I am in a hotel in a part of town with absolutely NOTHING. I will unplug the t.v, disconnect the phone and spend 68 hours studying, napping, and swimming.      I'll most likely repeat the cycle next Friday-Sunday.   Still trying to determine if I'll do it in 2 weeks or not. I suppose it depends on how I feel--but it is likely.

On one hand, this is TOTAL overkill. OTOH, this albatross has been a weight around my neck for more years than I care to remember--always full of emotion and waffling.    If I can actually lift this weight off of me once and for all, any money/time/energy spent is absolutely worth every penny and every second.

It's been long over a decade since I have holed myself up in a hotel room to cram for test with occasional swim breaks. It was only last night that I remembered that I did such a kooky thing.   Turn off all clocks. Close all curtains. Block all natural light as much as possible.  Study until brain is full and either swim or nap. Rinse. Repeat.

 But it has always given me the best test scores.     And this week I finally noticed that my quality of studying decreases when Awesome Dude is at home.  He never interrupts me.  We are even on different floors and opposite sides of the house.  He is totally silent. Doesn't matter. It is still radically different than being alone.  And I do the best brain time when I feel alone.   So, it's time to go back to what was successful in the dorm.

Bags are packed. Goggles are purchased.  Just me and my brain for 3 days straight.  And a few weeks to prove the work I've done.


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