Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in which I publish more than 1 post so I feel less slackerish..

I would like to be more subvsersive.  Awesome Husband thinks this is hilarious because I won't even jaywalk when there is absolutely no traffic.  This is a far cry from our days in any type of alternative scene and most likely offends the inner punk-rocker of his youth.  It doesn't offend the inner skater-chick of my youth, but punk rock > skater in terms of hardcore, I guess.

I think growing my food is subversive. I think, in fact, it is VERY subversive.  And if you don't think so, read more Wendell Berry. 

I want to influence every kid (and adult) I meet and instill in them a total passion of science. I don't care in what field it is--I just want them to love science.  A little slice of it or the whole she-bang. 

And maybe, it isn't really even a love of science that I want to infect them with, just a love for learning. For me, that came about in science--so that is the lens I look through.  One of my closest and definitely dearest gal pals knows little about medical science, but she is well-versed in the arts--and I'd say absolutely gifted in language and literature.    I am less familiar with her areas and so love to listen/read what she has to say.  Just like she at least tolerates me talking about my passions.  Because really, I think we both just enjoy learning and it doesn't matter who or where or what topic--just information whores.

And this is good.  And it is subversive. If it knowledge/learning WASN'T a subversive act, then as a society we would be much better educated.  We'd be scoring off the charts. And we aren't.  We like black and white. We like the easy answer.  We like turning off and tuning out (I know I do.) We like simple.  We like cause and effect (and that is how our brains are wired).

I want to turn people on to information as a whole, I guess.

I mentioned somewhere that even with all the problems I am having at my work--I get to go to lectures. I get to read journals.  I get to spend time doing nothing more than gaining knowledge, even if it isn't immediately (or ever) applicable.  And it is totally encouraged.  At least once a week for an hour (and over the course of a week, it is always more than an hour), I get to learn for no other reason than the pleasure it gives me. None.   Information for information's sake.  A total indulgence in pleasure that I can't imagine I would ever get working in a non-scientific/non-medical capacity.  At least weekly I get to say, "Hrm. That is interesting."  Because it is.   (And that might mean nothing to anyone who reads this...if anyone reads this. hrm--interesting. sounds so flat and boring, but i tell you, a mild "interesting" is like HOLYMOTHEROFGODOMGCOOLTIME! in non-scientific language.  Seriously.)

I want everyone to have that experience.  I want to nurture the "Hrm".  I don't care what or where or how, I want to develop a love for learning in folks. I want more people to think in terms of grey. I want people to love the hard answers, be comfortable in having contradicting thoughts, question everything.   Knowledge is awesome. Knowledge is power.  And power is subversive.


  1. Information whore is definitely the best way to describe it. "Slave to curiosity" might be another. Am reading "Bonk" by Mary Roach and absolutely loathing her for writing the book I should've written. Even our writing style is the same. Let's hook up, though. I am excited to ask you a few questions and fill you in on two ideas for books, one that will absolutely require YOU. xxooxoo

  2. I already facedbooked your silly ass to let you know that you may not be Mary Roach because I already called dibs.

    But I hope you know that I was writing about you here.


"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day."

-E.B. White

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