Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in where I sound like a woo-meister

but not really.

When I am on vacation I'm doing a...well, I don't know what to call it. I hate to call it a "detox" because that isn't accurate. It will look like a "detox" but I don't think I'm clearing out stored toxins because I have a liver for that. I don't think I'm "balancing my body" by eating more "alkiline foods" because the body only functions normally (meaning your kidneys and lungs are functioning as they should) within an EXTREMELY NARROW pH and your food isn't going to change that (although your urine pH may change, but that is something different). I would punch anyone I could in the throat if they thought that there was something to "flush out" that was stuck any organ (including: colon, pancreas, liver).

But sometimes, just drinking a megaton of water and eating a boatload of fruits and vegetables just does my body/mind/soul good. Call it "organic rotorooting", if you will (although that still sounds like I might have various things lining my colon that are just stuck there). Call it "eating and drinking too much crap for too long so going to get all monk-like on the ingestion front to swing wildly the other way to find balance in the middle there". Saying that is too long, so I just sorta call it "detoxing without having toxins". Just so people might get what I mean. Or probably not and I just sound stupid.

Anyway, I'm gettin' all pure light and love and good vibrations with my food for a few days, yo.  I haven't really done any type of "cleansing" thing before and I'm just glad that I get about 7-10 servings of fruits and veg usually a day and my system is relatively used to a high fiber count. Otherwise I'd be calling it Days of Colon Blow.

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