Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh dear lord in heaven

(Or insert whatever deity you would like here).

5 hours.


of planning the stupid vegetable garden. 5 hours. All morning. And I still don't have everything quite figured out because I don't have all the succession stuff down.  I actually might have way more space than I need (assuming everything grows nicely and has enough sun).  I mean, I'll grow into it--but I seem to be able to stick almost everything in their own space without even using any square foot twice. Hrm.

I still need to break things down into "what I can start planting right now" and come up with a planting schedule for succession planting.   I obviously don't need to be planting 25 feet of lettuce right this second or all the carrots. I suppose I'll see if I can space things out to plant every 2 weeks or so. 

I'm hoping to get seeds started this weekend:  cabbage, broccoli, kale, parsley, and hot peppers.

And start doing "no rain" dances so I can get the beds finished up and add fertilizer.


  1. I found to be invaluable in showing me just what I could plant. One other thing I did was put in t-tape so I don't need to hand water and then I start two rounds of everything - one on each side of the tape. This helps with my succession planting. It's a bear with a small amount of space but it really helps to see it all on a grid. Also has a plan for succession planting that might be helpful too. Good luck!

  2. I decided to pay for a subscription to "Plan Garden" this year. While it didn't really help that much in the planning, I think it will be invaluable for rotation in later years and to keep track of what I actually harvest! I'll hceck out "grow veg" as well.

    Thanks so much for the Renee's garden succession planting! That makes so much sense!

    I'm really hoping to get in some type of drip irrigation set up this year. I found out last year that I'm terrible at watering correctly and enough. I'd rather not spend the money this year wasting the water!!

  3. I put in an irrigation system last summer and have some info on my blog about it. It makes a HUGE difference if you have kids and actually want to enjoy the summer with them. Mine is on a timer so I can set it to water as long as I need, comes on automatically and has a rain sensor so when we are on vactation I don't have to worry about losing all our food or wasting water.

    I got some stuff from and I can't remember the other place but it's in the blog entries.


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