Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New day

Yesterday I finally started seeds for the broccoli, raab, and cabbage.  I'm trying to go easy on the cabbage since I'm the only one who really enjoys the stuff--but I do find myself with 3 types of cabbage.  So, I just basically planted 2 of each to see what comes up.  I'm happy to eat the stuff all day every day.

Of course, I now must check my little seeds every 8-10 hours to see if anything has happened yet.  I *know* it has only been 24 hours and nothing can possibly happen--but I still feel compelled to look for any tiny signs of life.  I love this part of it.  Sure, sure--I love to say that I "don't really like to garden, I just like to eat". I love to say that I'm goal-driven and the "process" is simply the most unfortunate part where I have to a) have skills and b) be patient to get to the part where I get the stuff.   I lie through my teeth, I think.   I never get tired of this part--witnessing life exploding, sometimes  almost violently, from dormancy. I've said it before and I'll say it again--there are universes contained in the little patches of dirt that I toil. I just need to remember to be still and watch.

Watching my poor little lime tree struggle to stay alive despite my futzing and seeing that one living branch bursting with flowers feels like a redemption today.  The life that I'm creating and cultivating is sometimes stronger than I am and maybe I need to sit back and let it do its thang.

(Did you see that? I added a photo! oooo!)

Looking at more than just that blossom is a little disconcerting:

There are 2 other buds underneath that first one that are about to bloom.  But look at that mess of dead sticks all around that one stem.  Pokey. Bad.  Just 5 months ago, that was a lush lookin' plant. :(  Still, you gotta admit that the living branch is pretty hopeful.  Maybe I haven't totally ruined that and the lemon tree behind it (which is also lookin' pretty stick-y these days.)

Between that and watching the blueberry bushes starting to bloom like crazy, I've got spring fever somethin' fierce. I think I have appeased the Sun Gods with my dancing as it looks to be clear skies for the rest of the week.  Everything can dry out, I can fertilize the beds, and just (im)patiently wait for enough sun to hit my patch of dirt so many rows of peas can get planted. 

And now for an obligatory photo of  Admiral Radar Dolomite Burgertime, Esq.--my most patient model.  Sunny days where he can lay in the sun have been few and far between lately.  When it happens, the only movement he makes all day is just to follow the sunbeams around the house.  This was sometime during yesterday's half-day sun fest.

Now that I'm posting photos, I really need to get a lot more exciting with these entries here.  I have interesting (at least to me) blogs that I'm writing in my head during my daily commute, but I can't type and be on a bicycle.  By the time I sit down, it's all evaporated.  le sigh. 

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  1. Hey, JJBH. Love this post. Am stunned, yet again, by your photos. And yes, am completely in agreeance (said in a Fred Durstian way) with you that yeah, I have that exact same problem, too, except my posts are all written in the shower and dissipate the second I step out onto the bathmat. The frustration.


"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day."

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