Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm no longer upset about the lack of ability of getting to my fall/winter garden.  I haven't done the official survey yet, but last weekend I did check out how much sun the garden plot gets throughout the day in the dead of winter.

Answer: nada.

I may still be able to get by with an early fall garden, but a winter one is right out the door. Ah well.

Speaking of, the garden plot (and any food growing outside of the plot) is now called: Valley Forge Farm.  Sure, it is only going to be (at most) about 200 square feet (until I get a patch at the P-patch and then it will be a whopping 300 square feet)--but I want to be a farmer, dagnabit, and so I'm gonna be and you can't stop me.

If you get the reference to the farm, I'll give you...uh, a "high five". While the idea for the name had nothing to do with the total lack of sun for a winter garden, that I do not have sun and therefore cannot grow makes a tidy little hint

So, since I'm still dealing with giant holes in the ground and it is too cold to go outside to even build the raised beds--I'm doing the other hausfrau thing I love to do:  cook.

Just picked up "660 Curries" from the library and  I am on a mission to make at least 20 of them before I have to return the book.  I'll once again see if I can get off a decent food photo so I can document something here besides text.

I had a lot more to say, but have seemed to have forgotten where I wanted to go with all of this.  So...yeah.

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