Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's been another month since I've posted...hasn't it?

Well, I can tell you that there is a horrible, tarp-covered hot mess of dirt on where the new garden area is supposed to be.  We've had more rain this month thus far than what the usual is--so my dirt hasn't been able to dry out enough to keep double digging.  I only have a few, short feet left to go.  Merde!  We're picking up the wood for the raised beds anyway and I'm going to build them out on Saturday.  I just can't deal with leaving it like the mess it is all winter.

I've also been researching DIY earthboxes (self-watering containers) for the unused driveway, for the back patio, for maybe even part of the front yard.  The downside is that they are mucho unsightly (although I could build wooden boxes around them quite easily to make them less plasticy lookin'.     I've got raspberries and squash and eggplants and lemon cucumbers to grow and I'd like them to just be separate from the back garden.    

The winter garden has been totally neglected for about a month. I literally cannot reach it due to the dug up mess.  The peas have died before I could get any and I'm sure whatever beans are left as tough and inedible.  I may collect the seeds from both, tho.  I can't see my chard, but I have a feeling it has given up the ghost as well.  I have no idea why chard hates to grow in my garden.   The Chinese cabbage has most likely been eaten by whatever was eating it.  I'm not sure if my bok choi is any good.   When I looked last week, the only happy thing was the kale and the merlot lettuce.  Not surprising.    I seriously need to pick up some straw if I can find any and just put the dang thing to bed for the year.  I really wanted a winter garden but I think my neglect has been too severe. :/

Been cooking quite a bit.  I definitely have little talent thus far as a food photographer and so, no photos. I'll keep working on them to post them up.  This week I've got pumpkin enchiladas, an eggplant curry, a black bean chili with chipoltes and chocolate, and cornbread on the menu.  Oh, and I've got to start making bread weekly for Awesome Husband's lunch. 

I'm off work the rest of the week and in the middle of a big "if we ain't using it, we're gettin' rid of it" mindset so all closets in this house are on notice.   There are a few spots in the house (like the tool area/work room/bike parking area) that are underutilized and it is driving me crazy.    Next week I'm planning to actually start decorating my study and putting up the tools I need to sew and craft--like pegboard.  I have barely been using my study and I miss screwing around in there. 

Good god this is a boring post.

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  1. Dagnibbit, GF, your closing statement was hilarious. I sometimes think that when I post stuff just because I'm trying to keep up the practice, but ye gads, I know how you feel. But by the same token, this post is a good "here is where I'm at and this is what I'm up to" post. It doesn't always have to be super pontificating or tinkling. It's just as valid to throw up update posts because these ones are helpful as reference later on.

    Love you and miss you.


"Every morning I awake torn between a desire to save the world and an inclination to savor it. This makes it hard to plan the day."

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