Monday, September 7, 2009

I just figured out how to receive email notification of comments on here.  I really should have looked at things before I started typing out here.  oops.

Got to get my hands dirty at Tilth on Saturday.  I really, really needed it--both for my own sanity and to excite me about my own (failing) garden.  Met a number of lovely, seemingly well-adjusted, grounded folks.   Harvested tomatoes, peppers, mustard greens.  Tied up fallen tomato plants.  Weeded (of course).  Prepared a bed for a cover crop and planted.

I'm looking forward to the Harvest Festival next weekend. I've only signed up to be a part of the tear down crew, but I'll see if anyone else needs help this week and sign up for that. I figure I'll be there all day anyway.

For my own garden, I pulled up the one pathetic red pepper on the one remaining plant.  Prepared some open spaces for kale, vit, onions, more chard, and a winter salad blend.

 I finally pulled the very pathetic zucchini plant.  I completley forgot to take a photo of the monstrosity for the Graden Blogger Death Day at the end of the month.  Shucks.  There were 5 zucchinis on it--all lookin' malformed and not edible.

I'm wondering if I need to just pull the tomato plants and try to ripen what is left.  It's been raining like crazy out here the past few days and extremely cold.  I could cover 1 plant with some clear plastic to try and save her, but the rest are tied up against the fence and no way to cover them. 

Molly the Eggplant had to be rushed inside so I can try to get just a little more growth out of her.  I have a Mahogony Eggplant recipe that I've been impatiently waiting to try out.  Or maybe I'll just pluck her goodies today as I'm not sure how much longer she'll be able to thrive with the temperatures plummeting.

I feel like I've missed most of summer's bounty this year.  I kept waiting for my bushels of food to come into fruition so I kept holding off.  This was dumb since I've barely eaten anything out of my fail of a garden.  I'm now in a rush to try to get as much corn, tomatoes, basil, summer squash shoved down my gullet until it is gone.  Made a gorgeous tomato, basil, mozerella quiche with everything made/grown by me except the butter, flour, eggs, and milk.  Still, the cheese and crust were from scratch and the rest came from the garden.    It has been terribly difficult not to just sit at the table with the whole pie and eat it until I'm stuffed.

Tonight I'll make a fresh basil marinara sauce, polenta, fresh mozerella and a side salad.  Gotta use up the tomatoes the Office Wife gave us. 

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