Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden update

I feel like things are a bit more under control now that I spent some time weeding and inspecting the garden. In happy news, there are 3 peppers on the Anaheim plant. One of them is about 5" long. It just blended in too well with the stem and leaves. So, we might get some Anaheim peppers.

Went to the garden store to buy some anifungal stuff for the zucchini plant. I'm losing the battle with the powdery wilt. Fruit is forming, but it gets kinda groddy lookin' at the ends. The master gardener told me it was a lost cause. I need to just pull it. I'm being stubborn and won't . It keeps growing and flowering and I keep having hope. I'll give myself an early September date to give up hope and figure out what can go in there for fall/winter.

I ended up buying an enormous basil plant at the store. Yeah, the season is almost over and we haven't had nearly enough basil. Most of it stayed stunted. I'll nurse this for another month or so and make as much pesto to freeze as possible. The sad fact is, there is never enough basil for me to ever be satisfied. I really need at least 10 plants or so. I could do without many herbs (gads, I hope not)--but I cannot live without copious amounts of basil, sage, and rosemary. I'm known to run my hands through basil or even better-rosemary--and run my hands through my hair so I can smell it all day.

I also cheated and bought a 4 pack of brussel sprouts. It's too late for me to start it from seed again and while I had just given up on the idea entirely this morning--when I saw them--I knew I just had to do it. It is "Oliver" and the fastest growing--only 85 days until harvest. I'm less bummed about the Rubine sprouts that I wanted to grow from seed. I found out that they aren't as productive as the green sprouts. So, hopefully I might eat some sprouts this winter!

Still need to start some fall seeds. Some of the rutabega, turnips, and carrots haven't come up. Might as well start them in the propagator.

Er...I forgot what else I was going to write.

Off to luxuriate in bath with my new bar of goat's milk soap. I am not the type to buy a tiny bar of soap for $4 and usually wouldn't. I'm making the excuse for THIS bar of soap because, well, it's obvious. It's goat's milk. And I need every reason I can find on WHY I need a pair of goats to have my life fulfilled. Really, AwesomeHusband should use the soap as he's the person cockblocking the fulfillment of my desires about livestock.

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