Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We decided a long time ago to get a larger television for our er...television (?)/movie watching/whatever room. Mr. Awesome had a perfectly fine screen when we moved in, but last year, we decided to finish our audio (until we get ridiculously wealthy) system and we decided that THIS year, we'd figure out our visual.

A big-ass sale happened, tho'. And we did research and looked around and fell in love with LED technology. But we resisted. And bought a friggin' 50" plasma instead. On a really good deal, but HELLO! A 50" screen is like only 10" shorter than I am!!

It consumes the room. Consumes it. It did not look this large in the store. It looks massive in the space. A monolith. We should re-enact "2001" every time we walk by it. I'm not joking. I'm embarassed and baffled by it. It is the token of excess. I'm embarassed. I want to cover it up, but it is too large to cover.

And then we watched a Blu-Ray movie on it.

And then I declared, "I'm never, EVER going to a movie theater ever again in my life. God fucking damn."

And then I played a god damn video game on our god damn huge plasma t.v.

Holy shit.

Holy fucking shit.

I'm never leaving my house. Not ever. Sure, I was introverted before now, but now you can come to my house for booze, music, games, movies, and literature, or you can go fuck yourself. Seriously. It does not get more awesome than my house. I need to figure out how to chill my dog out because my house needs to be THE house where everyone is. Whether you want to cook or talk or listen to music or watch beautiful movies...my house is the house.

I'm angry at my dog and his neurosis because I'd be so freakin' happy to have my house be the central place that was welcoming to everyone. No, not everyone has to love what I love or want what I want or be with me--but I think of so many people I love and how much space we have here to just do whatever we want to do.

I have the thing that I have written about for the last 20 years: a comfy home filled with music, books, films, good food, and love....and I want to make that circle as large as possible and for a ton of people to add to all the things we have so we all end up with more.

I have finally arrived. My dog has not. And my dog seems to be the king of neurosis and strangers . I wish he'd get that strangers just want to love him, pet him, give him treats, and sneak him things from the kitchen--as much as I do. He'd really love it and would most likely be sending out personal ads to have more folks show up.

I totally went off the subject. Basically, I'm just saying that we bought a fucking huge television because we consume and we desperately would love to have different people over to watch movies, play video games, listen to music, cook with us, visit us...but we have a dog who hates everyone except us and is keeping us hostage. :(


  1. I absolutely friggen love this post, and got Brad to read it, too. Honestly, tranquilize that sweet pooch with some Nyquil or its okay-for-doggie equivalent and have us all over. I really want to watch something crazy on that thing while we gorge on all the amazing artisinal food we make!

    xxoo, jitsulassie

  2. I know. We absolutely have to figure something out because I so very badly want to have people over a lot. :( It makes me so frustrated that I have the space now and still am being held hostage.

  3. Oh yeah, and after we got the television--Awesome Husband was playing some shooting game that I think your husband has. I told him that we had to have your husband over for a boys evening where they could drink beer and could shoot bad guys on a larger than life video game.


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