Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden FAIL

So, my very tiny heads of broccoli on very giant stalks that are shading everything...up and went to seed on me. I kept thinking the heads would get bigger, but no dice. :( The heads were as big as about 3 bits of broccoli. :(

I either didn't water them enough during our last dry-spell or it's because they got too much sun. I don't really know which. Or maybe they didn't get enough food. For whatever reason, I'm totally bummed. I had already decided that I wouldn't grow them next year because they take up so much real-estate...but I'd like to have enjoyed them this year.

There are some side-shoots growing but I'd be surprised if they are bigger than a bite. So aggravating.

Didn't get a chance to bake this weekend. I'm jumping at the bit to see what the starter will do.

Am cooking like a madwoman, so that's something.

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