Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ah, love

Every time I am around Tilth, I come home and do nothing but sigh and flutter about with love. "Fluttering about" means "screwing around in the garden, making plans, dreaming, sighing, more dreaming, thinking happy thoughts."

Tonight was no exception. It was the first class of COG (comprehensive organic gardening). It was mostly an introduction, but it wasn't just being able to take the class--it's the people. I seem to be enthralled with the people who work at Tilth and the people who support Tilth. My shyness makes that hard to decipher in person, I'm sure, but, love love. Perhaps it is because I am so turned on by the subject at hand, but I don't think that is just it. I think that Tilth has this energy about it that attracts passionate people who love to share that passion and can do it joyfully. There feels like such an abundance with them and the people who staff the vision and the people who are drawn to the vision (look who sounds like a gaia-healing-earth mother now?!?)

I love, love, LOVE hearing people learning things, exploring, sharing, and being absolutely excited about being in a garden. Everyone seems to say the same thing about their garden: There are universes in this tiny plot of earth that I never tire of exploring. It is all in different words, but it comes down to the same thing. All of us are having our minds blown by some little patch of dirt and marvel that this little patch houses so much life and gives us sustenance.

The simplicity and wonder of it and being around others experiencing it never seems to get old.

So, I'm busy trying to figure out what to do with the whopping 105 square feet of gardening space I'll have for the spring. Hopefully by the end of the course, I'll have a better handle on how much I need to plant so I can actually eat from our own supply for a portion of the year. I know 105 square feet isn't enough. It isn't a true accurate amount since there is the herb bed, the strawberry pots, the 10-12 containers. And since my beloved landlord didn't see any issue with me making a larger bed, I might become bold enough to ask to build an asparagus bed this winter too. This also doesn't include the 2-3 potato bags I'll try next year as well as the raspberry containers that Awesome Husband hasn't yet realized he is going to help me build in the driveway. ;). Counting all of that, it might be closer to 150 square feet or more.

Either way, the goal is to actually harvest more for next year. Harvest more and start to figure out what the best tasting veggies varieties there are. I mean, if I'm going to spend the time and effort to grow my own food--I should probably be a snob about what I grow. Ok, not a snob, but if I'm going to spend the time and effort, it takes the same amount of time and effort to grow something that tastes exquisite as it does to grow something bland but reliable. I'd rather take my chances and eat as luscious as possible.

Sigh. It's late. I should be tired. I want to be tired. I AM tired. I'm just once again jazzed up from spending time with Tilth.

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