Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today in the graden

Today I transplanted the poc choi, Chinese cabbage, and watercress to the garden. I also started arugula from seed.

I also found out that I planted a square that should have been empty. It, strangely enough, does not have a marker on it. I have absolutely no friggin' idea what the heck is growing in it. The leaves are too small to tell. Did I miscount somewhere? Is it older seeds that never came up originally because I was planting them wrong that are now coming up because they are getting adequate water?

There are, I think, parsnips that are actually coming up. Color me surprised. I also think there migth be some old carrot seeds in one of the squares that is coming up in what is now the parsnip square. I'm going to let it go to see what happens.

In fact, I'm going to let a lot of the squares go to see what happens. I'll pull things that I definitely know are weeds--but if I think it might be a vegetable, I may keep it in the ground for a bit. I was absolutely shocked at how dense Seattle Tilth plants their gardens and how they get really large vegetables even having things so densely planted. I have a sneaking suspicion that I can plant even more tightly than I am right now. I'm also not making the most use out of the space I have available. I can definetly do my succession planting closer together with more overlap.

Part of my new "being fearless" in the garden is just seeing what happens and experimenting more. I need to not go "by the book" so much.

Got the teepee up and the pea trellises. Got the tomatoes slung up a bit more. Am going to get actual structures instead of slinging them up against the fence. They are already too bushy and big this year and absolutely out of control.

We maybe eating those zucchinis before next week. We'll see if I can last.

The strawberries are blooming and forming fruit, finally. I think I'm supposed to trim the suckers back. Not quite sure. I had originally thought that we'd get maybe 5-6 actual berries from 19 plants. They are finally exploding. I'm so glad I waited and plucked the flowers in June . I'll have to see if this is something that needs to happen every year, or just the first year I have them.

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