Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fall/Winter Garden

It's time to get those seeds in the ground. I'll admit, it feels weird putting in cabbage in mid-July when we've been having an extraordinarily hot/dry summer so far--but thems the breaks.
I've figured out how much to actually grow (and I'm filling up each square this fall/winter) and will be hurting my brain this morning trying to figure out exactly what goes where. I mean ,the tomatoes and peppers aren't going to be done for a long time, so it is kinda confusing on how to plant around them. Perhaps I just do kales and lettuces there. I don't really know.

Here is what/how many I'm planting:

Vit: 4 plants
Kale: 2 plants
Spinach: 9 plants
Romaine: 9 or 18 plants (most likely just 9)
Merlot lettuce: 4 plants
Bok choi: 12 plants
Chinese cabbage: 2 plants
Arugula: 3-4 plants
Watercress: 3-4 plants
Snap peas: 26 plants
Pole beans: 10-12 plants
Bush beans: 18 plants
Carrots: At least 36 plants
Turnips: 27 plants
Rutabaga: 12 plants
Parsnip: 48 plants
Brussel sprout: 2 plants
Scallions: 32 plants (at a minimum. Will probably also grow around slow growing crops and in herb garden. Will re-sew all fall/winter)
Radishes: 32 plants (same as scallions. Will re-sew all fall/winter)
Carrots: 48 plants

It's hard looking at my list because I think, "Gads! We will be in food all winter!". It's only because I'm full of wishful thinking that nothing ever fails or goes bad in a garden. I'll consider it a success if 50% of what I plant, I can actually eat.

Still--it all looks really impressive on paper right now. It is potentially a LOT of food for 41 square feet of space. I'm actually chomping on the bit to do the next 10x4 or 15x4 bed. We could actually start canning/freezing a lot more next year.

I'm hoping to pick up a drip system in the next week or 2 for the garden. I hate hand watering. I'm terrible at it. I can't get the hang of it. I'd much rather not have to do the work of shelpping the can back and forth from the kitchen.

I'm also going to be tearing down the chicken wire boxes that currently go over each 3 foot square. I want to keep floating row covers over the beds and it makes it a lot more difficult with those covers. I'll have to think of SOMETHING to keep the dog out. Just not sure what it is yet. :/

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