Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New favorite blog

Choice one-star reviews on Amazon on famous literature, music and film:

You can't please everyone

Some highlights:

On Jimi Hendrix:
Are you kidding me. Did Avril Lavigne ever use distortion in her songs? Or how about those wierd sound effect things? Mmhhm, that’s whqat I thought.

On Alien:
Hold the acid juice, dude. This movie totally rips off Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Shame on whatshisface.

On Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl:
Sure it’s sad that one had to be stuck under such circumstances at that age, but let’s face it, their situation was not the worst: people brought them food, they had a radio, books, pens, magazines and even partial freedom to fall in love

On Catch-22:
If Harry Potter is, as people claim it to be, one of the best books of all time, then this is its antithesis.

On Cat's Cradle:

Again, not very complex or deep, a basic fable, but still entertaining. But as entertaining as Star Wars? NO. I recommend renting the star war movies or getting the star war books, especially the ones with Jabba the Hut. Cat’s Cradle has no point or meaning to it, unlike Lucas’s prophetic, amazing vision. Vonnegut is funny, but not very intelligent.

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